How A Californian Donut Made It All The Way To Muscat, Oman - Introducing 3rd Street Donuts Shop!

How A Californian Donut Made It All The Way To Muscat, Oman - Introducing 3rd Street Donuts Shop!

Muscat, Oman, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We’ve got the scoop on where you can find the perfect, soft and fluffy donut that’ll leave you wanting more-- but you’ll have to fly and meet us in Muscat.

Introducing 3rd Street Donuts -- a shop with an innovative take on the traditional American donut joint that carries over 120 flavors of donuts, featuring its signature in-house recipe originally created in none other than Los Angeles, California.

The shop made its debut in 2018, not long after Mundhir al Alawi returned to Oman from living in the United States. During his few years in California, Alawi frequently visited local shops in Los Angeles that carried unique donut flavors at odds to those found at a typical franchise chain. He fell in love with the fluffiness of the donuts, specifically those from the family-owned shops, and decided he wanted to create the perfect Los Angeles donut recipe for a potential business opportunity back home. He wanted to produce a donut that was soft and moist (and fluffy, of course), but not overwhelmingly sweet. Shortly after brainstorming, he hired an American pastry chef and joined a collaboration with a Californian bakery to bring the secret donut recipe to life-- a recipe that combined the highest quality of products from both the United States and Oman to create the signature feature of 3rd Street Donuts.

The ingredients are imported from Los Angeles through the Free Trade Agreement, which allows the transportation of goods without the incurrence of internationally imposed taxes or duty costs. Due to the shop’s commitment to higher quality elements and it’s dire authenticity to the Los Angeles donut, competitors using local goods tend to fall short in comparison.

The shop sells an average of 2,000 donuts a day. Business has continued to boom since the business’s opening nearly four years ago. Today, customers can come in and choose from a range of 40-50 donuts flavors a day, as well as over a dozen options of artisanal coffees to accompany the sweet treat. The shop also prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, which plays an essential part in the business’s overall success.

3rd Street Donuts currently has three branches, but plans to expand to countries further along the Middle East by the end of the year. So far, prospective countries include Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. The business also plans to expand through future franchising opportunities on a more global spectrum. 

Someday, once the shops have finished conquering the Middle East, and perhaps the rest of the world, Alawi believes he’d like to compete for the best donut recipe in Los Angeles. He’s confident 3rd Street might take the cake. Or in this case, the donut.

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